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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 12, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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times. i want us to be engaged in the world without being in charge of it. that is our show. good night. lou: good evening. thank you for being with us. the internal revenue service scandal may have been blown wide open today. the tax agency targeting of conservatives and tea party groups and those responding t some rponse overcoming their this hour. e-mails between former executive organization's director and her staff reveal the targeting of conservative groups being politically motivated. one such e-mail calling tea party applications very dangerous. also tonight russian president penning a lecture to american citizens in today's new york
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times. questioning some of our core values. while urging president obama to abandon his call for military strikes in syria. the white house response was a great big helping of milquetoast. here is press secretary jay carney s of. >> both in his op-ed and in their statements and actions that we have seen from president putin and his foreign minister it is clear that president fox business has invesd his edibility. and ultimately destroying. this is significant. russia is the patron and protector of assad. the world will not whether russia can follow through on the commitment that has made. lou: secretary of state kick inister in geneva toith russian discuss the russian plan for syria to turn over its chemical weapons stockpile. this as the president, secretary
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of state, and his favor republican continued to talk about the 400 so children who were allegedly gassed by the syrian regime. the merate factions that they claim make up the assad opposition. take a look get this picture. this man is about to be decapitated. not by gas, not by as syrian soldier. this man is facing certain death , public execution by assad opposition forces, members of our government wants to support. something to consider tonight. demanding changes to obamacare. the afl-cio pressing resolution saying obamacare is driving up costs of union-sponsored plans to the point that employers are simply abandoning that insurance the impmentation of the law is now highly disruptive to unions.
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another fund-raiser link to campaign finance violations tonight. a washington d.c.-based contractor stands accused of following more than a half-million dollars that 2008 presidential campaign. without disclosing the money. this is the seventh hillary clinton fund-raiser tough face claims of illegal campaign donations dating back to her time in the senate. four of the seven have onsent -- been sent to prison. two other investigations are still pending. we begin with the irs scandal. new evidence that shows politics driving the targeting of conservatives and tea party groups. last may former commissioner steven miller testified before the use oversight committee ying that the overzealous enforcement was the work of what he called to rogue employees in ncinnati.
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the woman at the center of the scandal, lois lerner, claimed she had been unaware of the targeting until she read about it in the newsper. e-mails from ms. lerner tonight reveal that she was specifically targeting conservatives, even trying to move the cases from cincinnati to washington. the litany of scandals that surround the obama administration returning to the splight as congres returns to the fall session. the internal revenue service scandal, benghazi, nsa, privacy of the for the state all on the agenda. the house ways and means committee taking the first shot today with the release of the los liner e-mails at the internal revenue service. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> e-mails from the former irs director of exempt organizations to invoke to write to avoid self-incrimination rather than testify to congress suggests the irs has admitted targeting of conservative groups politically.
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in an e-mail to a pair of colleagues in february of 2011 regarding outstanding requests by groups were tax exempt status she rode the tea party matter very dangerous. the cincinnati office should probably not have these cases. other officials did testify under oath, the problem was limited to a pair of rogue agents. the house ways and means committee release these e-mails as part of its on investigation. lighter has not beenired, but has been replaced as the head of the irs taxes and decision. after groups complain their requests for being denied a delayed, she was notified of an inspector general investigation and seems to a knowledge improper actions that occurred then she would be called out. we have done what we can to change the process, better educate our sff, and move the cases. we will be doing, but we took steps before to make sure banks
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get better and we have written procedures, so it is what it is. a year later she was refusing to testify before congress amid allegations that another control irs division she ran deliberately denied americans the right to take part in american politics. lou: thank you. rl cameron. the white house and secretary of state refused to rule out military strikes and syria after assad said he would only give up his chemical weapons if the united states drops the threat of a strike. joining us now, general jack keene, retired four-star army general, former army vice chief of staff, boxes military analyst the idea that putin would attempt to define a condition precedents as dropping the threat of a strike, is that a reasonable or unreasonable demands on his part? >> well, it is totally unreasonable in my judgment.
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but i think he also has a very strong suspicion that a strike would not take place. because certainly i think it is hard for most of us to imagine president obama striking without congressional authority given the fact that he wanted that congressional authority, and it appears that he would not be granted that if he goes back to congress. so i think russia and also syrian know that probably the threat of a strike at this point is somewhat hollow. lou: the threat is hollow. what are the prospects for a deal in your opinion? >> i think it is probably pretty slim. i think at the end of the day i believe the united states and russia will have difficulty coming to an agreement that would actually produce the release of chemical weapons. and the other thing year -- and i think most people watching our show tonight would have the same
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beli that you and i have, number one, assad has no intention of giving up all of his chemical weapons or giving up all of this manufacturing ability regardless of what we say or regardless of what the russians say. lou: and given that possibility, if not reality, what should the united states to here? what are mr. obama's choices? >> well, we are in this process now. it is unfortunately somhing we stepped into, and i don't think we have any choice but to put tough measures on the table. one is that we would keep our threat of an attack on the table. to, verification is going to be a key, and this is a real challenge, as you can imagine. i mean, we have a war going on in syria. we do not know where all the chemical weapons sites are. certainly i don't believe the
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russians you either. only the regime knows when they are. so the fourth, that assad will voluntarily give up all those sites and insure that these weapons are being transferred is really very ambitious, probably highly unlikely. lou: is it not as we look at another russian ship moved into the mediterranean, a carrier killer, so-called, a guided missile craft. this is becoming dangerous as the forces, the russian forces are building. our forces are already in position. as you say, a highly ambiguous and difficult that into the san who is fighting around. clearly the united states forces and russian forces would be, it seems more clearly defined and therefore perhaps more easily targeted, if not more difficult
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targets. >> the russian military is a mere shadow of its former self. the conventional capability has sunk rather dramatically. they can send a few ships into the mediterranean, but that is fairly a hollow threat. most of what russia is doing is about hubris and bravado when it comes to the application of military force. there's still a nuclear power, but the conventional military is not what used to be. lou: is a your putter going to see the united states strike syria? >> i've not think it wi happen. i believe that a couple weeks ago they should have happened almost immediately once we were able to put the targets together. that's not happen. ever since the president has gone from the congress and getting or the congress you point is, think it's unlikely that there will ever be a strike. lou: general jack keene thank you.
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>> take care. lou: much more ahead on the president's lack of a clear message on syria, and clear policy on syria, and a clear prospect of action. senator rand paul will join us to weigh in in just a about a matter of minutes here in the broadcast. stay with us. ♪ lou: flat broke. the federal government runs out of money in just over two weeks. well our government shut down? we continue our exclusive interview with the powerful chairman of the house judiciary committee, congressman bob better luck next. better luck next. ♪ for our children is something the purwe all share.ter life but who can help prepare them for the opportunities ahead? who can show them how to build on your success, but not rely on it.
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♪ lou: we continue our discussion with congressman bob could lock coming up in just moments as we talk about what congress may not
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be taking a week off later this month. you also be joined by as senator, rand paul. we will be talking what the president's reversal on syria and the senator's presidential aspirations as well. leaders from both aisles in the senate meeting earlier today offering no sign of finishing off a deal to prevent the government shut down. house leaders warning members that they may be forced to cancel the week-long recess scheduled for the last week of the month. one congressman who chairs the house judiciary committee discussed his view on the budget negotiations and the prospects of a government shut down and the republican push to a defined obamacare. >> well, we are working very hard to try to accomplish two very important things. one is to make sure that we keep on the track of reducing government spending, the sequestration, very controversial, but it is also having the impact of cutting our
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spending. not the best way to cut it, but it is happening. the same time, we are faced with the largest parts of obamacare starting to take effect with the beginning of the new year,nd that is something that we have worked very hard to repeal. we would also be willing to defunded and finding a way to accomplish that and at the same time, proving complicated in terms of getting the necessary 218 votes to accomplish it. lou: a number of reports today that top aides in the house say there is no move afoot to change the legislation which is being rejected by a large, you well know, and large number of your members in the house. >> there is a l of work that needs to be done. one way is to convince people that the plan that has been put forward is the right way. another is to modify the plan to
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find more votes. i am sure there will have to look at both of those alternatives, but it is important that we do everything that we can't to end obamacare. it is also very important that we keep the country, keep the federal government on track to continue reducing federal government spending in finding a way to do both of those things when you don't have the cooperation of the senate and you certainly did not have the cooperation of the president's is certainly a challenging thing to do. but i have every confidence that within the time that we need we will find enough people to rally ound and approach -- i don't know what is yet, and it may be the one that the leaders are pushing which will result in being able to move forward. we would like to see this senate be put on the spot about obamacare. the house has voted nearly 40 times to repeal it, defunded, repeal parts of it. we have been successful in getting seven sections of it
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repealed, but not the big, major parts of it. and therefore, making the senate take some votes on this needs to be a part of our calculations. lou: would you support a change in the legislation for the continuing resolution that would incorporate the efforts as many members are now insisting, as you know, that it should ctain to defund obamacare? >> i definitely support efforts to include defunding obamacare. what the dispute seems to be is it the best way to go about doing that and the best way to put the senate on the spot and the best way to actually get something to the president of the united states that would entail the actual appeal. the defunding of it will only be funded for as long as if we have a governmt shut down the government shut down unless the senate agrees to take a fresh look at this. as you know for every time we have been able to get them to vote on this in the past they have not voted with us to repeal
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it or defunded. but in recent times -- lou: they're not likely to. >> welcome in recent times we have got more and more democrats and the house to vote with us on parts of the dismantling of obamacare. we will continue to look for the right avenue to get that done. lou: let me turn to immigration. you and your committee have been the leaders and immigration in the house. it is my view that you have now taken the lead as the chairman of the house judiciary committee on the issue of immigration rerm and the democrats and the gang of eight legislation have recede. the president is, indeed, leading from behind if at all right now thanks to the efforts of you and your committee, the house leaders. you have passed forritically important pieces of legislation rough the committee, and you have put this plan incrementally
10:20 pm
into action. what is your next at? howard with immigration reform? >> the most important thing for us now would be to take the four bills, two related to enforcement of our immigration laws a new enforcement tools and two related to of legal immigration reform which is a misstep virginity with our current system to create more jobs for americans. and so those four bills need to come to the floor of the house. actually working on three your for additional bills that have not yet come up before the committee. they are not in final fm yet, but when they are we will hold hearings and markups in the judiciary committee on those as well. right now the way forward in our step-by-step approach is to get votes on the floor of the hou for those. right now with this serious matter which may be receding at ast temporarily based upon this new initiative with the russians and that continuing
10:21 pm
resotion and the debt limit which comes sometime behind and the defunding of obamacare, that has taken a lot of time in september. but we hope that in october -- we will get these bills on the floor. they have strong support and will pass and will show the american people of the house republicans have a coherent plan to address all three areas of immigration reform. enforcement, legal reform, and finding the appropriate legal status for people who are not lawful year. but enforcement has got to come first. it cannot make the same mistakes. in easy path with citizenship was given to nearly 3 million people and then they wer promised new employer sanctions, new enforcement, new enforcement at the border. most of that has been in the breach, the promise in the
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♪ lou: the new york times op-ed by russian president putin is entitled to a plea for caution from russia. i changed it around a little bit. this is a reaction of members of congress, senators today after reading that op-ed piece. >> i got an e-mail with what president putin had to say. i was at dinner. i almost wanted to vomit. >> i was insulted. >> it sickened me that we would have to sit there and read that. lou: not exactly glowing reviews for either putin or the new york times. president putin in his contest with president obama over syria
10:26 pm
has so far won the battle of wits. secretary of state carried declared removing chemical weapons from the assad regime is not a game. that is exactly what it has become, folks. make no mistake about it. and putin is ahead. the washington post validated that within a matter of days. giving him for pinocchio's for claiming he was opposed to the war. it was his idea to avoid an attack in the first place due to the removal of chemical weapons. in this strange game john kerry does not give credit. the white house instead giving credit to putin saying he was the proposal. a convenient shift the responsibility which is part of the game. in his op-ed putin tweeted knows of all americans and president obama when he mocked the idea of american exceptional as in writing, it is extremely
10:27 pm
dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional. whenever the motivation. we are all different, but when we ask for the lawyers blessing we must not forget that god created a sequel. well, and that we can agree. by the way, president obama himself had a little idea -- trouble with that idea of american essentialism. he was forced to get over it in his campaign last year. we are proud of him. a kind of like new humility. maybe it will be catching among all world leaders. none left -- on the left, perhaps someone should remind the president that he is the leader of what remains of a failed soviet union, that marxist leninism collapsed under the weight of socialist redistribution and massive stultifying government that pervaded so that -- soviet
10:28 pm
society and suffocate its economy. all of this while america and our free enterprise capitalist economy, i love those words. free enterprise and capitalism. inventing, innovating all the time, and we created the world's greatest middle-class. americans make advances in science, the arts, medicine. by the way, we share those advances. we do not hold them to ourselves . we have exploited our natural resources. speaking of god's blessings on this great nation. our industrial, technological, and military capacities continue to advance. we have won the space race and created the internet. our doctors, thinkers of physicists, researchers lead the world in the achievement, accomplishment, and we share those advances. to this day no nation hasome near creating such massive
10:29 pm
wealth as the unite states and americans. and no one has come close to ever approaching all that we have shared with the world. we americans measure our success not only in the objectives that we realized and chief, but in the proximity of our contract and all that we achieve it to our ideals. you don't haveo take my word for it, mr. putin, about our exceptional doesn't. don't go pretending you do not know our history. i am kind of proudf that history. i know you have got to be. well, you have to be happy. we have shown you the way. and we do claim exceptional as. never doubt that. but we do not claim perfectionism. we have learned how far we are from it. and we faced just enough challenges to keep us humble. mr. obama, i sure hope that you remind mr. putin next time you see him of all of that.
10:30 pm
running circles around president obama when it comes to syria. so says senator rand paul. find out what else he says when he joins us right here next. ♪ at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. (announcer) scottrade knows our and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online
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lou: a massive fire burning out of control at new jersey seaside heights boardwalk. an area recently repaired after being washed out by last year's superstorm sandy. this video coming in the fire started at a small ice cream stand and spread to 19 other buildings evacuations have been ordered up to 6 blocks to the north. lou: three days of heavy rain
10:34 pm
causing massive mudslides in colorado, 10 inches of rain fell over central parts of colorado, more flooding expected throug the weekend. >> new concerns about a deadly fungal disease, once confined, to pacific northwest but now moved to other states it has sickened 300 people most in oregon, washington and now 8 other states, centers for disease cell said that fgus that leads to sirius brain and serious brain and lung infections is rare. but they do' to raise awareness, it has in the states oregon and washington become an identifiable disease. >> new satellite images suggest north korea has restarted a small nuclear reactor capable of producing plutonium, steam rising from a building indicates that the rctor is or is nearing trading.
10:35 pm
>> and a new web site tracks plume of radioactive water making its way across the pacific from japan's 2011 fukushima disister revealed should reach the west coast next year. expert say that by then radiation they hope will be below levels that world health organization occurs dangerous, but very lite about this disaster has held up to examination after authorities made their proclaiming a. >> back to sites in -- crisis in syria but next guest said that putin is running circles around resident obama, joining us now, senator rand paul. good to have you with us. let's turn first to this contest now between putin and obama for
10:36 pm
responsibility for the syrian crisis. what do you me of it. >> if we much a solution, it's best not to say, i'm stronger than you, best not to act like we're in seventh grade, and make this match between juveniles, the bt thing is to concentrate on the problem not have the tweaks back and fort. there is a possible dip plastic solution. did diplomatic solution, better than the milliary outcome, no military outcome would remove any chemical weapons or make them less likely to be used, removing them from country does remove trem from harm to israel, and jordan and turkey, it is so much desired i would put up with some pin pricks and putin you
10:37 pm
know back and forth and 26ing 26 -- tweaking. lou: referring to vladimir putin's op se op-ed in new york, he titled that a plea fro russia,odest expression from a map making immodest proposal. >> if you read the beginning of the editorial there is a positive tone to begin with before he heckure lectures us, e an advancement. syria had not admitting to have chemical weapons and neither had russia but now they have. i don't know if they are sincere
10:38 pm
yet but we have move the needle quite a bit from last week when syria said we don't have any chemical weapons. lou: that is a positive development. issue of takin military strike from united states out of table is a precedent, is that a proposition or be what that administration correctly resists? >> you know, i think it is weird how we are closer than we think we are, if you say it has to precede that say problem, what if it is coincident with. really we get into a battle of words, if they allow international inspectors come in, and they are moved to a site, and same time we say there no attack because you do this, this sounds like a reasonable comp mice, but we -- compromise,
10:39 pm
but we get into a battle of words, no reasonable person will patrol is ipromise in advance bs to be some sort of app exchange if there is a diplomatic solution, if they are willing to turnover their weapons it would take a compelling reason for having a military strike on them. lou: military strike, talking earlier today with general on the ide broadcast, general jakks king. -- jack king. correctly identifies t sites. difficulty of a military strike at this point, all but arguing for not making the attempt because of what could not be achieved. homeland security committee chr, mike mccull saying he has seen ielligence showing
10:40 pm
half syria opposition has extremist elements this is as we proceed further and further into this confrontation with russia. united states, and assad and strangely in middle of it all, because he is the problem, it seems incredible to me, how ttle we know about h to preset because we don't -- precede because we don't understand who the people are involved in civil war, we don't understand where object of our concerns are located. >> it is precisely the reason we should not get involved in thi civil war, we don't know who the rebels are, the general dempsey said less than a couple months ago it is increasingly difficult to decide sarate out friend from foe. but other side, president obama glibly saying we'll vet out the moderates, i defy them to tell me who the moderates are and who
10:41 pm
they are not. when people lineup for surface to air missile, they will tell you in arabic or broken english, we're your friends but can we trust them, we have trouble separating out friend from foe in afghanistan, it is a much more stable situation, we had more than a hundred soldiers killed by people joining in the army saying they are for america then turn, round and shut us in the back. 50% of them being extremist who don't believe israel has a right to exist, it goes on and on, we really just if we de stabilize assad we embolden al qaeda, this is a mess, we should not be involved. lou: senator paul has been saying that since the outset, thank you. >> thank you. lou: take a second to go to fox
10:42 pm, aarning to the federal reserve. coming up next, dow jones snaps a big winning strike, moneyline is next, and a-team on putin's published lecture to all america, next.
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lou: on wall street stocks retreating a bis, dow down 26, s&p down 6, nazdaq down 9. volume on big board just about the same at yesterday, 3.1 billion shares, dow on track for its best week in more than 8 months, joining us now, bob. >> thank you. lou: this market we had an extraordinary run for last new days, a pause, what are the
10:46 pm
prospects? >> well, i think that the fed, they may take our little bit next week, bond buying will have an easy policy that supportive of stocks, i think the part of move this past week certainly was helped with the lessening of tensions in syria, but we don't know where it maybe headed. >> how long do you think that good news will last? we're looking at interesting economic reports as well with a little you know glitch in the jobless claims report. because we don't have a full report. but it looked positive. what is your sense of the secular nature of what is going on with the economy? >> we have stable growth. but we don't have strong growth. coming out of such a deep resolution that we saw -- recession we saw in 2008, 2009 we should be stronger growth, and stronger pick up in jobs. lou: why aren't we?
10:47 pm
talk about stimulus, fed with's balance sheet, 3.6 trillion, and stimulus, and you could not add much stimulus in this. >> i think, a lot of what called stimulus is not necessarily stimulating. you know a lot of spending you know really doesn't help. there is a myth that we need to have spending to increase economic activity. it distorts the economy. similarly with the growth in the fed's plan sheet, their easy policy distorts markets and actions as a stimulant to creating speculation. >> what is this going t take do you think? >> i think that the couple possibility, we could continue to have the stable growth. and you know wander through the woods get out evenly. otherwise we need stronger policies to reduce the spending, reduce a lots of regulation i
10:48 pm
think has been a big headwind. and then hopefullyhe fed can get back to a more normal policy without disrupting mkets too much it a tall order. lou: and a long one perhaps we may see a beginning. in the margin where fed goes first in something called tapering, bob gilman thank you. >> thank you. lou: up next, general petraeus not warmly greeted on his first days at work. and the white house. appearing to abdicate on foreign policy to? vladimir putin? no, that much too strong of an opinion but not for our a team, um... where's mrs. davis? she took an early spring ea thanks to her double miles from the capital one venture card. now what was mrs. davis tching? spelling. that's not a subject, right? i mean, spell check. that's a program. algebra. okay. persons a and b are flng to the bahamas.
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lou: a quick story about a dreamer and adventurer, some would say a guy that lost his mind, i-t manager launched this morning from caribou, maine in a capsule surrounded by hundreds of helium balloons, he plans to be first person to cross atlantic rogue in a cluster -- ocean in a cluster balloon craft, he has done this to cross the channel and the alps, good luck jonathan. >> a tough semester for retired four-star army general david petraeus now a visiting proforce at university of new york, this is how he was greeted after his first lecture monday. >> petraeus -- he is a war
10:53 pm
criminal. lou: that takes me back to my youth, about a dozen student protester, heckling petraeus caing him a car criminal, as you -- a war criminal. joining us now, ju judith miller andd walid phares, thank you both for joining us, talk about the president, and predent of russia. an adroit statesman like move on the part of our president? >> in the big picture, putin understand that obama administration is stuck with two things they realize beyond a limited strike, washington is not going to confront the iranians, they want to reach out to them.
10:54 pm
and inside syria, we don't top reach out except to islamist this signals to the russians if we weaken assad the anti-russians will come to power, have you a russian leadership that knows we're not going all the way to confront the ash sad regime, and -- assad regime, and we're not going to work with russians that bridge bring down assad. >> do you agree? >> not sure i do. i think that russians are very afraid that if assad goes, al qaeda will takeover in damascus, they had some experience with chechens, and islamist extremists and separatists, i realize there was perhaps a certain amount of "glee" in moscow, in the kremlin over the american's predict am because of opponent fumble -- because of
10:55 pm
obama's fumbled diplomacy, there is concern on part of russia anes about what comes after bashar al-assad. >> those concerns, as you put it, walid talking about the various interest in syria, united states has no interest in syria. there is no as far as i can see, not a wit of interest in syria. or its disposition toward the rest of the world. and the russians, they have an interest but to me, it is you know, marketly narrow, and i want your sense of just what in the world is world our time, our -- and our treasure if we were to begin this, this seems like folly if we strike a sovereign nation. >> that ishy i think that this is really a god send no matter how it was achieved. i heard ron paul earlier speak to you, about you know what this
10:56 pm
means in terms of an alternative. lou: he has been consistent. >> i think he is right. we do not know what the impact of this pin prick, limited, strike would be uwe don't -- >> absurd words. >> they are absurd words, i think this as an alternative, is better than a military trike that thoug--strike that nobody f point of. lou: last word. >> thank you for word, let me say, limited strike on the regime without a global vision of syria omiddle east is not the way to go, but at same timef we leave the issues as they are, people saying let them fight it, find but we end up with a super al qaeda, not a shrunk al qaeda and stronger bashar al-assad breaking syria in two, they will both become terrorist states.
10:57 pm
lou: dr. walid phares, judy miller thank you both, we'll see you tomorrow, good night from new york. for our children is something the purwe all share.ter life but who can help prepare them for the opportunities ahead? who can show them how to build on your success, but not rely on it. whcan focus on making your legacy last
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for generations to come? that someone is a morgan stanley financial advisor. and we're ready to work for you.
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charles: the war on the rich is going global. welcome i am chip chip in -- charles payne in for neil cavu cavuto. washington is pushing to take a bigger chunk, in new york city. new york fnt-runner bill de blasio has all but declared war on the rich. in spain millions' to form their own country. protesting governments that


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